15 2014

TREEloft Opening Cocktail Party

6:00PM - 7:30PM  

Bull Street Library 2002 Bull St.
Savannah, GA 31401

Contact Carol Greenberg

TREEloft, (Traditions*Recordings* Exhibits*Experiences) scheduled to open September 15, 2014, (with a preview event on September 15th) is a creative space for personal narrative at the Bull Street library that will encourage diverse communities to showcase their stories and link it to Savannah’s (sometimes stormy) history of inclusion of cultures, religions and populations.

This stand-alone exhibit on the third floor tells a short history of the Savannah Jewish community through pictures, video and panel displays. It is open to the whole Jewish community and the general community as well.

 The space will include:

·         a designated room for photography,

·         a room to explore the art of writing personal narratives, and

·         a room to videotape interviews

·         a main exhibit space

        The main loft space will allow for changing exhibits that highlight different civic, ethnic, religious, occupational communities as stand-alone exhibits that encourage people to participate in adding their personal stories to the community narrative that makes up our diverse Savannah.

Contact phone numbers:

Carol M. Greenberg for MStarArts: 912-352-1238 or

Brenda Poku at the Bull Street library (912-652-3600)