Unsubscribe Successful

How very satisfying to see these words come across your computer: “Unsubscribe Successful.
We all experience the slow bloat of our Inboxes as we purchase something and neglect to uncheck the “I accept promotional emails from the provider” statement that is often off to the side or is in overly small text.  Or perhaps it was an acknowledgement to receive updates from a news site that forces you to click “Yes” to read the article.
For the last three weeks I have been hitting the “Unsubscribe” button at the bottom of many of the emails that I received across different accounts.  They served me well for a time and now is the time to move on.
There are so many things we do in our lives that we do by rote.  So many things we’ve done for so long we don’t even know we are doing them.  So many things that feel comfortable because that is what we know. So many things we’ve had for a long time that we don’t consider change.
One of those things that is changing is the Outdoor Pool at the JEA.
It’s been an interesting week watching the demolition.  In less than a week, decades of history were stripped from the property as the slide was removed, kiddy pool torn out, and all the concrete decking removed. While on one hand, it is the end of an era, on the other, it is an amazing opportunity for the future.
I’ve had a number of people comment online and by email, asking “why are we removing the pool….”
the pool that I was a lifeguard at,
the pool that I spent my summers at,
the pool where I learned to swim,
the pool that we had socials at,
the pool where the "Sylvan Terrace gang" hopped the fence to swim on Saturdays.
The fact is that the 1955 state of the art pool no longer meets the needs of our community:
  • The underground pipes are leaking in multiple locations making some of the rear property unusable due to the high water table;
  • It is not handicap accessible. It is a moral imperative in today’s day and age that everyone be able to access our facilities with dignity;
  • There is no need for an excessively deep end of the pool.  There hasn’t been a high dive platform for decades.  Not only is the deep water a safety liability, there are thousands of gallons of unneeded water that constantly needs to be treated, creating excess costs, not to mention the waste of pecious water;
  • Community league swim meets are no longer held at the JEA due to the shallow end of the pool which makes it impossible to do flip turns;
  • People want zero entry pools - seniors who are having difficulty accessing the pool, parents with young children, and those in wheelchairs.  It just makes sense for everyone.
So, what’s it going to look like, you ask?
Now you can see for yourself → → → →
The shallow end of the present pool will be widened a bit and it will have a “feathered entry”-perfect for everyone.
The former “deep end of the pool” will be maintained at an 8-foot depth.  As you can see in the graphic, there will be a dedicated space for lap swimming and swim meets.
The entire patio is being area is being graded so that the will no longer be steps or trip hazards around the pool- a dramatic safety improvement.
Future additions will include a large shade structure and water features,
It's an ambitiious project that needed to be done for many reasons.  Our Capital Campaign is underway and we hope that every member of the community will participate and support the Alliance of tomorrow.
Despite the familiarity and thousands of memories and experiences, the pool that served three generations of Savannahians is no longer.  It served us well and like those emails, we have hit unsubscibe to the old and look forward to the ribbon cutting of the new pool in May 2023.
Wshing you all a safe and restful Shabbat
PS  Go Dawgs in the SEC Championship
       Go America in the FIFA World Cup