Through our work

Over the past year, we have felt the warm embrace of this Jewish community locally and globally. Like the light of our Chanukiot on a dark night, we have witnessed light emanating from each other as we have gathered in prayer at synagogue, participated in an event, or listened to each other’s ideas and concerns.
Tonight as we light the sixth candle on the Chanukiah and light the Shabbat candles, we are reminded that we as Jews must take all of this warmth that fills our community and spread light in the midst of darkness. When our ancestors faced religious persecution, they stood up and fought back. They knew the importance of their culture and religious freedom and were willing to fight for it.
With Chanukah, as with many of our holidays, it is easy to draw connections from ancient times to the present with what we as a community are currently facing with the rise of antisemitism. While it is scary to witness the the media and the actions by those who choose violence, these events will not prevent us from living our Jewish lives proudly - to be “Or Lagoyim," 'a light unto the nations.'
Here at the Federation, we are doing what we can to continue to spread that light.
Through our work, we educate our community.  One of those programs is Hate Ends Now which will be hosted at four different locations in January (sign up for a session in this week’s eNews).
Through our work, we prepare our community.  Through the courses offered in Situational Awareness, Countering an Action Shooter Threat, or Stop the Bleed training and kits, we create a safer environment to pray, gather, and celebrate.
Through our work we advocate.  Whether it is working with the Israeli Consul General or working with other faith communities (Join us in walking in the MLK Day Parade-you can sign up with the link in the eNews) the Federation is your convener/representative.
Through our work we are the community’s safety net.  Whether it be helping area students with no-interest college loans, the purchase of a wig for a woman undergoing chemotherapy, assisting with transportation, rent, or food, the Federation’s Jewish Family Service provides for those most in need.
At Federation we aim to spread warmth to our neighbors, illuminate the strength and kindness of our community, and support those who are struggling.
May this special Shabbat and Chanukah bring new light and meaning into all of our lives

Chag Urim Sameach
Merry Christmas
Shabbat Shalom,