Put Up a Mirror...

Mandated closures
Workforce shortages
Capacity limitations
New operating protocols
Masking requirements
Community Transmission Index

They are all terms that have become commonplace parlance over the last 18 months and when we thought we were through, we realized that it was time to “double down” to address the Delta variant which is running rampant through our country taxing every health care facility to the limit.

Collective resiliency
Enduring commitment to community health
Pivoting to address emergent needs
Reenvisioning procedures
Rising to meet the challenge

They are all responses to the challenges that confront the Federation, JEA, and our synagogues.  What was our reality a few scant weeks ago is all new this week…and who knows what next week will bring.

I took a few weeks “away from the fray” to spend time with family and friends.  To say it was salubrious would be an understatement.  I did not realize the mental toll that COVID had taken on me.  As we drove the many miles up I-95, the community challenges seemed to fade away and by the time we crossed through New Hampshire into Maine, I certainly remembered why I always push my colleagues to take time away. 

It was a glorious two weeks.  Yet…

….throughout the entire time away I had a nagging feeling that I had “abandoned” my coworkers.  I kept having to remind myself that “they had it,” they are good at what they do, and that whatever challenge came, they could handle it.

And they did….When some of our leadership we affected by COVD and had to quarantine, others picked up the mantle of leadership.  When the inevitable exposures occurred, they were on the phone with leadership of the Alliance and Federation to make the best decision.  When equipment went out of service, the needs were addressed.

In returning, I said to a group, “Put a mirror up to yourself…you are leaders.  You did a great job.

I’m so appreciative of all the support and well wishes upon my return. 

There’s no place like home.