"Thank You"

June 25, 2021
“Through its annual campaign, the Federation is the primary collector and distributor of funds for Jewish causes in Savannah, in Israel and 56 countries around the world.”
- Savannah Jewish Federation Vision Statement
This year, because of you, the Savannah Jewish Federation Annual Community Campaign raised $1,257,383 – during a global pandemic in our little city!
This week, the Savannah Jewish Federation went through the Allocations Process – led with poise, energy and true leadership, by 2021 Campaign Chair, Michelle Allan.
This very committed group of people wrestled with an extraordinarily difficult job: that of allocating the dollars, raised through the Savannah Jewish Federation Annual Community Campaign, to beneficiary agencies both locally in Savannah, nationally and overseas.
The way the committee decides how Community Campaign funds are allocated is fair, democratic, and participatory. The diverse, essential group of 21 Planning and Allocation volunteers spent meetings in a thoughtful, intensive, collaborative process hearing presentations from beneficiaries that included reviews of the past year, current initiatives and financials, and projections for the future year. After digesting all of that information, the committee put together the allocations recommendation that will be presented to the Savannah Jewish Federation Board of Governors for approval.
It may have been a difficult job for the committee to decide where all of the money goes – to me, it is magical. 
I love hearing the essential work of the beneficiary agencies – here in Savannah and around the world – and knowing that the money raised in our community is going to help them continue valuable programs and services. 
I love the conversations that the committee has about how they wish they can give each agency all of their money because each agency does such unique and important work for our Jewish community.
I love knowing that we are truly making a difference and changing lives.
As we head into Shabbat, I am feeling so thankful for the Savannah Jewish Community.
Thank you for making the calls. 
Thank you for answering the calls. 
Thank you for your generosity. 
Thank you for making those tough decisions.
And, thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this work.
Shabbat Shalom,
Director of Community Impact