Incident Reporting

It would be hard to open up a web site, a magazine, or a newspaper recently or not see an article about the rise of antisemitism.  To put it simply, American Jews no longer feel as safe as they once did.
A recent American Jewish Committee report concluded that over four in ten American Jews feel less secure than a year ago as a result of attacks, crimes, violence, and how ‘normalized’ tropes and conspiracy theories have become.  While American Jews are proud, we are altering our behavior out of fear.  Social media and online content is a continuing threat as over 2/3 of all people have seen threats on the internet (that number rises to 84% for those under 30).
How do we know that antisemitism is increasing?  Part of it is what we experience, see, and hear, but the other increase may be that it is due to increased reporting.  With a national reporting system, we are able to analyze the location, type of incident, and frequency.  Every single incident is catalogued, aggregated and broadly shared.  Not only do we receive it locally, but it goes, where appropriate, to Police, FBI, Homeland Security, ADL and other partner organizations. The majority of this data comes from communities like ours who share the information with Secure Community Network.

As the number of incidents continues to increase in our community, we are joining over 40 other communities in launching an INCIDENT REPORTING FORM on our website to help us react/respond and keep better track of the number of antisemitic incidents occurring in the Savannah area and to report more accurate data to our law enforcement and national partners.

You can play an important role in fighting antisemitism by utilizing this new system on our website.
What should be reported?
•  Any incidents occurring in our community should be reported. From direct messages on social media to incidents or confrontations. No incident should go unreported.
•  If you are unsure that what just occurred was an antisemitic incident, it is always better to report it. SCN analysts will look at the report and make the determination.
Who can file a report?
•  Anyone in our community can go on our website to report incidents.
•  These reports will be kept anonymous, and details will only be shared with our partners or law enforcement if needed.  You can provide your name and contact information for follow up or remain anonymous with the report—Its totally up to you.
Why is this important?
There are many reasons why it is important to report these incidents:
•  It empowers every member of our community to feel like what they are experiencing is not going to go unnoticed;
•  It allows us to have a better understanding of what the current situation is in our community;
•  It gives us more tools to talk to our law enforcement partners, elected officials and other faith partners;
•  It gives us a better chance to apply for security grants. Security grants require a chronology of incidents. Having better data gives us a better chance to obtain those grants;
•  It is the right thing to do.
Shabbat Shalom