"Acts of Kindness"

For the better part of two weeks we heard about the gathering clouds, tropical depression, tropical storm, and then an early season hurricane. Once the storm track of Elsa became apparent last week it was amazing how quickly our national partners sprang in to action:
From Mark Young-Good morning from JCC Association and JResponse. A quick note to check-in as Tropical Storm Elsa approaches Florida and then potentially the Georgia Coast . Please know that the JCC Movement is here in case you need anything during or after the storm which, hopefully, won't be too serious. Never-the-less, we are here as you need.
From Stephan Kline-As you are aware there is potential for Hurricane Elsa to significantly impact your communities early this next week, and I wanted to check in with you.
Jewish Federations of North America will be tracking the storms along with you and hoping for the best. While this is the earliest 5th named storm to impact the United States (usually the fifth “E” storm isn’t named until late August), hopefully it will be downgraded to a Tropical Storm or below by Monday when it hits the coast.
 If your community has any needs (in preparations or following the storm), please feel free to contact me.
As many of us have contributed to provide assistance to those affect by flooding in Houston, the tragedy in Surfside, or the conflicts in Israel, it is an expression that we stand together with each on good times and bad.
While Elsa turned out to be a thunder and wind event here in Savannah, it was heart warming that friends in New York and Washington reached out to offer their help….even if we didn’t need it. It’s wonderful to know that they are there.
Acts of kindness never die. They linger in the memory, giving life to other acts in return.
- Jonathan Sacks
Shabbat Shalom,
Adam M. Solender
Executive Director