Accredited with Quality

Quality early care and education is essential for the future success of Georgia’s children.  Accreditation is an outstanding measurement of quality early childhood programs.

-GA Association for the Education of Young Children

Every five years the Georgia Accreditation Commission GAC) inspect each program in the state. This week, our PreK program was thrilled to receive the GAC’s highest possible rating, “Accredited with Quality.”  The report stated,

The JEA PK program is located in an impressive facility with ample space for exploring, learning, playing, exercise (indoor and outdoor pools, and fitness center), and resting.

The school prides itself on providing children with love, security, and strong core values. They focus on and have a reputation for building positive relationships with families and the community. They strive to promote conditions that allow children to feel safe to grow socially, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and intellectually. Exploration and student-centered play is encouraged throughout the curriculum at JEA.

The Director, Assistant Director, and PreK staff are dedicated, well-educated and trained, and use best practices to provide a safe learning and playing environment for the students. The outdoor play areas are integral parts of the learning environments (connected to classrooms), well equipped, and attractive. Plans to improve function and remodel parts of the facility are in the works.

The staff is knowledgeable about each child and his/her developmental strengths and weaknesses. A full array of resources to meet student needs is available. The PK students and families have access to many activities and events through the Alliance including opportunities like Yoga, soccer lessons, physical fitness, dance, swim lessons, art, book fairs, sewing, summer camps, after-care, etc. based on the talents and skills of the staff.

It was a pleasure to visit this fine pre-school again, and I wish the staff well as they continue to provide a valuable service to children and families. Congratulations on meeting all Georgia Accrediting Commission Standards!

All stages of education are important, but preschool is essential.  By nurturing warm relationships with adults and children outside the nuclear family, a child is able to make more connections and learn more including social skills, emotional self-control, motor skills, and constructive learning.  Equally important is our quality program that supports families in the community.

We are so very proud of the leadership staff led (for over a decade) by Jodi Sadler, Heather Lieberfarb, and Caitlin Johnson and our PreK teachers who were intimate in this evaluation: Penny Berkman, Meagan Lafontaine, and Kierra Rouse.

Kol Kavod (All honors) to JEA Preschool Savannah!
Shabbat Shalom,