21 2023

SJCAF Movie-March '68

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

Jewish Educational Alliance 5111 Abercorn St.
Savannah, GA

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Savannah Jewish Cultural Arts Festival

Movie - March '68

120 minutes

Warsaw, 1968. Students are protesting against the unlawful expulsion of their colleagues from the university and in defense of the "Dziady" (Forefathers Day) poster, directed by Kazimierz Dejmek, and staged at the National Theater. Hania and Janek are also among the protesting youth. Their families are on both sides of the March barricade. Young and madly in love with each other, like in Shakespeare's drama, Romeo and Juliette, in a country overwhelmed by rebellion, they fight for their affection. Will their love survive? Will they be able to overcome the adversities that fate presents them?

Popcorn and Drink Included.

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Tickets: $15

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