Overseas Supplemental Giving/IEF

Our care, compassion and responsibility for one another have no boundaries. Today, more than ever, the Jewish world has become one community. The growth, movement and resurgent renaissance of our people have created unparalleled opportunity and challenges.

Meeting these means safe passage for Jews in danger; that our Jewish elderly, wherever they call home, will live in dignity; that Jewish education will be an equal opportunity afforded all our youth; that Jewish children at risk will always have a safe haven for reclaiming shattered lives.


Aligning donor interests with the urgent needs of our global family to create a personal platform for tzedakah.

UJC Overseas Supplemental Giving, a department of the United Jewish Communities, works closely with individuals, philanthropic foundations and communities to align their interests with compelling overseas needs in Israel, the FSU, eastern Europe, and wherever a Jew is in need. Locally, the Community Foundation of the Savannah Jewish Federation matches donors with their passion. Local funds include the John Goldkrand Jewish Healthcare Fund which was established to provide medical assistance in the Odessa Region of the Former Soviet Union. The David and Merle Horwitz Fund for Israel/Overseas Needs provides a constant stream of additional support for programs around the world.

We believe that there is a resource for every need.

Creating an individualized pathway into the heart of our global Jewish family, UJC donors have the opportunity for direct impact through personalized "above and beyond" commitments.

"The scope of what you have to give doesn't negate the fact that anything you give 'above and beyond' can have an enormous impact. I think the answer isn't to get people to do any one thing; it's to get more people willing to do something."

-- Bernard Siegel, President, The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation


UJC Overseas Supplemental Giving has utilized its extensive experience in the field to assemble the most comprehensive range of programs requiring direct funding. In addition to the priority projects of The Jewish Agency for Israel and The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, UJC Overseas Supplemental Giving represents hundreds of aligned nonprofit organizations doing vital work on the ground in Israel. The expanded portfolio of Overseas Supplemental Giving programs today include:


Israel Education Fund (IEF)


People to People


The Unity Campaign


All UJC Overseas Supplemental Giving initiatives include:


  • Varying levels of giving
  • Prominent donor recognition
  • Our commitment to quality project implementation


Additionally, UJC Overseas Supplemental Giving is uniquely positioned to leverage our donor's personal philanthropy, maximizing the impact of your commitment.


For more information on UJC OVERSEAS SUPPLEMENTAL GIVING or any of the above programs or to request a TZEDAKAH BOX of the full range of overseas opportunities contact UJC.


The impact of the continuing and unparalleled philanthropic success of the federation system is priceless. Millions of lives saved, cared for, reached out to and rebuilt; centuries-old Jewish traditions and values preserved for future generations. More than 700,000 people contribute more than $900 million to the UJA Federation Annual Campaign and $1.2 billion to endowment funds, capital campaigns, foundations and other special projects. In all, it is a $2 billion annual enterprise, with endowment and foundation assets that are approaching $8 billion.